ChuiHua Factory High Quality 7 Pieces Cast Iron Camping Cookware Set Cast Iron Frying Pan Outdoor Camping

Product introduction: 1. All items can be put into wooden cases for easy storage and placement. 2. This set can be used for gas stove, which can be heated and used outdoors with fire. 3. It is easy to clean, and it is more convenient to clean outdoors or indoors when the non stick effect has been achieved 4. Dutch oven can be competent for cooking, steaming, stewing and roasting. More convenient for outdoor taste.
Material Cast iron
Size(cm) Optional
Coating  Vegetable Oil
Available for Gas,Electric,Oven,etc.
Color Black
Clean Dishwasher safe,but we strongly suggest washing by hand
Part Milk pot,Dutch oven,Bracket,fry pan,Griddle,Wooden box,
Logo customized
Dutch oven 12QT
Milk pot 3QT
Fry pan 30cm
Griddle 43.*23cm
Bracket Dia 7.8cm
Box 54*23.5cm
Integrated, not easy to damage The handle is designed with an iron hook, which improves the stability and durability Double ear oil outlet design, convenient to pour out excess oil, more convenient for cleaning The long handle is more convenient to take One-piece molding, the pot body is molded by high temperature casting once Iron cast material,  thick and durable The support of the pan is used to isolate the contact between the pan and the tabletop or tablecloth, so as to avoid burning the tablecloth if the temperature is too high The box is durable and easy to place and take Each product in this set is a classic match. If you need to change or need other sizes, increase or reduce the number of sets, support you to buy separately or have other needs, you can communicate with our sales personnel for replacement.