Cast Iron Skillet Cast Iron Frying Pan Black Cast Iron Baking Pan With Curved Handle Cast Iron Grill Pan

duct Description
Item no XG 725
Size DIA 25.5cm
Material Cast Iron
Coating Vegetable Oil
Color black
Logo Chuihua or customer request
Shape Round
Product Introduction  

A cast iron pan is an essential piece of equipment for any cook. It not only transitions from grill to stovetop to oven with ease, but it's versatile enough to sear steaks and seafood or bake fluffy frittatas and cakes. What's more, the durable material improves over time, forming a natural nonstick seasoning that's even better than chemical coatings.

  Function of cast iron frying pan It is a multifunctional tool in the kitchen. It can be competent for frying, frying, barbecue, stewing, roasting, and even more cooking methods.     Cast iron increases the Iron level in food. This is especially helpful for women’s health. The best cast iron frying pan is one you can use for a long time, so choosing the one that suits you is an important task. These frying pans are a necessity for every family chef. It is very important for them to make delicious food  

What are the Benefits of using cast Iron cookwares?

  1. Unlike the non-stick cookware, cast iron cookwares are free from any harmful chemicals.
  2. If maintained properly they can last for years without any issues
  3. Unlike non-stick cookware,you can use metal spatula without any worry about scratching the surface
  4. Cast iron increases the Iron level in food. This is especially helpful for women’s health
  5. Cheaper compared to non-stick.Remember ,you will need to replace your non-stick cookware every few years
  6. It is well accepted that cooking with Cast iron maintains the nutritional property of food.