Best Quality Pre-seasoned Non-Stick Round Cast Iron Frying Pan Cast Iron Skillet For Cast Iron Cookware

Vegetable oil series kitchen utensils in cast iron kitchen yellow is the most difficult to maintain, but the fun is the strongest. The boiler opening treatment is required before use. With the long-term use of the pot will become more and more oily and smooth, better maintenance than non stick pot, food to capture. Heat storage, energy saving, healthy cooking. Healthy, thick and durable. Physical non stick, scratch and wear-resistant integrated forming thickener bottom without chemical coating, even heating, no stove selection. Good pot is not afraid to be made. Durable wear and shovel resistance. Iron casting is not afraid of shovel steel ball. No chemical coating is added naturally, and the release of iron ion in cooking time is more direct and the effect is better. From material selection to forging, after rubbing screening, modern technology and experienced technicians fine grinding, the forged surface of pig iron has better performance. The integrated pot Bing increases the length of the pan Bing, which is more convenient and convenient to put, and the oil mouth is both sides and effectively prevents the soup from spilling. Heat storage, energy saving, healthy cooking. The thickened design of the bottom wall makes the body heated more evenly, and the original flavor of the original juice is preserved, and the heat storage capacity is better.
Cast iron cookware set
Item XG70/71/72
Size DIA 15.5/20/25CM
Material Cast Iron
Logo customized
Shape Round
MOQ 300pieces
Package Per Piece with a inner box and then several pieces into a master carton