Cast Iron Frying Pan Household Multi-Grain Pancake Pan Uncoated Non-Stick Skillet

Model Name Cast Iron Round Griddle Pan Material Cast Iron Brand Chuihua or OEM Color Black About this item ✔️Better Performance. The cast iron flat pan has greater retention and distribution of heat. This seasoned frying pan can keep your food hot for 15 min Or longer. Curved, bigger and Longer handle for better grip ✔️Ready-to-use seasoning: 100% Pre-seasoned coating. Does not contain PTFE and Pfoas that can be harmful to your health. Vegetable oil is a perfect natural seasoning that gets even better with time. ✔️Healthy for you. Trace amounts of iron are naturally released when cooking with seasoned cast iron skillet, boosting the mineral in your diet ✔️Versatile. This flat griddle pan can be used for serving, cooking, baking, grilling, and oven-to-table. Suitable for cooking in: induction, ceramic, campfire, grill, broiler and oven. Multi-use - use it as a pancake griddle, crepe pan, pizza pan, tortilla pan, flatbreads, veggies and more. CHUIHUA COOKWARE If you are looking for enjoyable experiences around cooking or eating well-prepared food, paying a fair price for products that are innovative in design, sustainable, with health benefits, high performance and durability, Chuihua products are your best choice. MAKING OF A BETTER COOKWARE Wooden Handle Longer Handle Bigger Hanging Hole Slightly Sloped Surface for Easier Cooking Pre Seasoned with Vegetable Oil Superior Heat Retention GET A BIGGER HANDLE (ON HEAVY) THINGS. Wooden handles are curved, bigger, more ergonomic, and quite frankly, more beautiful too. Get a better grip while handling your hot iron, whether in the grill, campfire, oven, or stove.