Cast Iron Vegetable Oil Grill Can Be Used On Both Sides Cast Iron BBQ Griddle Camping Cooking

Product Description

Item name XG 202/XG 203/XG 204
Size 38*23cm/50*23CM/81*35CM
Material Cast iron
Coating vegetable oil
Color   Black


Product Introduction


                                                          Characteristics of cast iron cookware 

A cast iron pan is an essential piece of equipment for any cook. It not only transitions from grill to stovetop to oven with ease, but it’s versatile enough to sear steaks and seafood or bake fluffy frittatas and cakes. What’s more, the durable material improves over time, forming a natural nonstick seasoning that’s even better than chemical coatings.

What if you can have one single cooking pan that works for grilling and at the same time can be used as a regular cast iron griddle for gas stove? Sounds cool? Well, this is a reality with the ChuiHua  grill/griddle combo.   All you need to do is simply turn the pan upside down when you're feeling like grilling on it. This pre-seasoned cast iron made pan makes it easy for you to use it wherever you want. Whether it is inside in the kitchen or outside in the yard – this one is compatible with all surfaces. 

While using it inside, you can easily put it into the oven without a doubt. It comes with an oven-safe mechanism that protects it from getting damaged from microwaves from the oven. Plus, it even can withstand broiler heat and the environment.  Apart from its durability and versatility, it comes with some mind-blowing features, too. For example, it promotes even heating for cooking. This is very helpful for traditional and regular cooking.  

It heats up in a consistent and even fashion that gently spreads the heat over the surface of the pan. This makes sure that the food on it doesn't suddenly get burnt due to overheating.  You can't help but notice the large, oversized handles on both sides of the pan. Although it may look unnecessary, it actually pretty helpful when the griddle is very hot. It leaves plenty of room for your hands to pick it up and safely lift and carry it.