Enamel Cast Iron Bakeware Square Fry Pan Baking Cook BBQ Cast Iron Steak Grilling Pan Kitchen Use Rectangular Cast Iron Enamel Backing Dish Pan

Product advantages: 1. Decoration: High-end enamel coating and beautiful colors available to make your kitchen more high-end and beautiful. 2 Multifunctional: This baking pan can be put in the oven that you can use to bake bread and fish. Of course, you can also put this bakeware directly on a gas cooker or induction cooker to cook the food, and it can also be used to fry some meat and steak. 3. Large capacity: This bakeware  has a large capacity, you can cook 3~5 personal portions of food, very suitable for a family to use! 4. Very easy to clean: This bakeware is enamel-coated and non-stick. The food does not stick to the pan body and is very easy to clean. When you clean it, you just use hot water.   Whether you are using a square cast iron enamel bakeware, they are perfect for the stove top or the oven. In fact, because of the enamel coating ,enameled cast iron will not harm electric or glass stove tops.