Non Stick Enamel Cast Iron Baking Pan Dish Pan Cast Iron Dish Pan 3 Size

Product Description
Item No. XG 26
Size 26.5*15.5cm
Material Cast Iron
Finish Enamel
Color Blue or customer request
Shape Oval
Product Introduction

Cast iron is a preferred cooking material by cooks of all levels: It’s a durable surface that has a high heat resistance, making it great for both the stovetop and the oven. Cast iron also heats evenly and maintains heat well, which makes it a more reliable cooking surface than other options like stainless steel and ceramic.

Close to the two ears design, convenient for end-to-end, balanced placement Big enamel roasting pan with smooth surface and flat bottom -Can be used for serving, baking, braising and more. -Beautiful design and individual serving size offers delightful presentation options.   -Perfect fitting, self-basting dimpled top lid seals in flavor and goodness. -Small but multifunctional, can be used for indoor and outdoor cooking. -The exterior can be finished with many colors. Selected high quality pig iron,after high temperature smelting,fine casting process,it is safety and healthy;it provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution;it's incredibly durable   Why choose us and where are our advantages 1,The pot body is thick, has good heat storage, is evenly heated. 2,The surface is only treated with anti-rust treatment of vegetable oil spray, no chemical coating, and the subsequent non-stick effect can be achieved through the raising pot. 3,We are a factory with more than 30 years of casting experience.