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If there is a cooker in the kitchen that can do anything, it is a cast iron cooker. The heating and cooking of cast iron pot are uniform, which can resist the scratches and dents that may appear in other types of pots. Cast iron can roast the steak well, maintain a constant temperature during frying, and also have an oil outlet to facilitate the pouring of excess oil. As long as the correct use and maintenance, cast iron cookers will be used as much as possible.         Cast iron material is safety and healthy;it provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution;it's incredibly durable The raised grill ribs on the cooking surface are perfect for searing meats and keeping food out of the unwanted greases and oils   Double oil mouth are added for convenience,which makes it easy to pour out excess oil and easy to clean   Long handle for a steady,secure holding;the hole at the end of long handle is for hanging storage Thicken the body and heat evenly Fast heat conduction The heat permeates evenly Easy to master raw and cooked Chengdu Why choose us and where are our advantages
1,The pot body is thick, has good heat storage, is evenly heated.
2,The surface is only treated with anti-rust treatment of vegetable oil spray, no chemical coating, and the subsequent non-stick effect can be achieved through the raising pot.
3,We are a factory with more than 30 years of casting experience.
  Advantage: 1. Cooking dishes are delicious Cast iron pot cooking adds flavor and cooking dishes are more delicious 2. Good heat storage performance The thick bottom of the pot provides good heat storage and is more energy efficient