Hot Sale Cast iron Cookware Preseasoned Casserole Pot Cast Iron Dutch Oven For Restaurant Equipment

Product Description

Item no XG A21-3
Size DIA 21 cm
Material Cast Iron
Finish Vegetable oil
Color Black Or customer request
Logo Chuihua Or customer request
Shape Round

Product Introduction

High-quality cookware in easy reach for cooking flawless traditional favorites, creating fun and easy weeknight family dinners or making a signature meal for brunches, date night, or holiday get-together.  embrace your creative kitchen cool and pull off simple and sophisticated recipes easily with the  home collection porcelain enamel nonstick chef pan with pour spouts.

Enamel pot bottom

The smooth enamel porcelain pot bottom is not easy to wear on the stove and dining table. The thickened design is suitable for cooking and dining reminder                                                              You can tell us the size and packaging requirements. We can also customize this pot according to the logo you provide, or we can meet your needs.   Internal advantages of cast iron pot Heavy lid and body only need medium and low heat cooking.The moisture content of the ingredients is as tight as that of the ingredients.Fully highlight the original taste of food.The body of cast iron and enamel makes the food taste good.The inner wall is heat resistant and scratch resistant, easy to operate.         Vegetable oil coating: it is suitable for a variety of cooking methods. The self circulating water drop design is evenly distributed on the bottom book of the pot cover, which can better retain the delicious food and make the food more delicious. If used properly, it can achieve a good non stick pot effect, which is conducive to cleaning.



Be careful of hot pot

The cast iron enamel pot is an integrated cast iron pot. When cooking, please use anti scalding gloves to avoid hot hands. Keep the pot out of reach of children to prevent scalding