ChuiHua Factory Mini Vegetable Oil Frying Pan Cast Iron Mini Skillet Square Shape For Cast Iron Cookware

Vegetable oil process is carried out in a high-temperature oven, can not be individually controlled, may occur in the following cases, not quality problems, and will not affect the normal use of pot, please forgive. In the process of injection, there is air sealed into the oil layer to form bubbles, bubble rupture of small gaps in the rupture of the oil, often used, will gradually eliminate. During the injection process, there may be local build-up of vegetable oil, resulting in a small number of droppoints. The prismatic cast iron frying pan, which can break the oil into the steak pattern, has enough space between the steak and the raised grain to prevent the grain from evaporating due to excessive heat. Anti-hanging double pour oil mouth in the dish out of the pot, avoid grease drip, do not hang oil, more convenient and accurate pour out. Maintenance method after use: 1. After use, rinse with clean water and wipe or dry the surface moisture. (Cookware cleaning. Avoid using cleaning agents, which will damage the anti-rust layer of the cured grease) 2. Apply a layer of vegetable oil to speed up the process of raising the pot 3. If it rusts, don't worry, use a steel wire ball to clean the rust spots, and apply a household cooking oil. Maintenance method before use: 1. Wash the body of the pot with clean water and dry the water. Put the pot on the stove. Use medium and low heat for drying. Put the raw fat pork into the pot (the fatter the better). Wipe continuously on the inner wall of the pot in a spiral manner, and the overflowing oil fingers spread over the entire pot surface. With the continuous wiping, more and more melted black lard overflows in the pot. The pork will also change. When the black becomes smaller, move the whole pot away from the stove, pour out the black lard, wipe it with kitchen paper, wipe the pot with hot water, and repeat the above steps;   2. After the surface of the raw fat pork is hardened. It can be used to remove the surface slices and continue to wipe it in the pot. After each round of rubbing, the pot noodles will look cleaner than before. Operate this way. OK (about repeat 3-4 times)   3. Rinse the iron pot with hot water to wipe off the water, place it on the stove fire, and dry it on a medium-to-small fire. Spread a thin layer of vegetable oil with kitchen paper, and the pot will be cured. Iron pans are pot-like. In the later use, they will gradually understand its habits and become familiar with it. After the above start-up method is completed, if it becomes astringent in later use, you can use the same method for maintenance. Iron pans like oil, long time use, the oil will penetrate into the small pores of the pan, forming a natural non-stick protective layer.