Best-Selling Cast Iron Cookware In The Dutch Market

Hello everyone, here is Hebei ChuiHua Casting Co., LTD. Last time I introduced some hot products in the UK market. Today we would like to introduce the hot products in the Dutch market.


1. Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan

A good quality cast iron cooker can last a lifetime and, if properly maintained, or even serve as a family heirloom. This frying pan is made of high quality cast iron material and the pan has a layer of vegetable oil. This layer of vegetable oil will make this frying pan non-stick, and you can fry the steak, bacon, eggs, and vegetables with it.

This cast iron skillet comes in 10 inches and 12 inches to meet the needs of most families.


2. Pre-seasoned 6 inch/ 8inch/ 10inch/ Cast Iron Frying Pan Set

High Quality 6′′ 8′′ 10′′ Seasoning Cast Iron Skillet 3 Pieces Cast Iron Frying Pan Set Frypan Cooker for Kitchenware

You only need to buy a nonstick pan money to buy a cast iron skillet set. The set contains three cast-iron skillets, measuring 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches, respectively. These three sizes serve a family cooking requirement and you can use a 6 inch frying pan for eggs and bacon or a fish and steak with a 10 inch frying pan. This cast iron skillet set is really practical.


3. Enamel Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish…enamel-coating-product/

This beautiful pink enamel-coated cast iron pot is very versatile. You can cook, fry, fry, stew in this pot and cook whatever you want to cook. And this pot is very suitable for making seafood, like to eat seafood people must not miss it.

Go buy this fine enamel cast iron shallow casserole dish that you can enjoy cooking.


4. Cast Iron 2 In 1 Combo Cooker Dutch Oven

This is one of the most popular and versatile pots that you can use to cook a wide variety of foods. You can use them to pan for meat stew and soup, or use its lid to cook the morning eggs and bacon. Of course, this is not the only advantage of this pot. This pot uses high-quality cast iron materials, which is very safe, does not produce harmful substances in the cooking process, and will produce the essential trace amount of iron elements in the cooking process.

Also important, this pot has a large capacity of 5QT, which can satisfy a family of 3 to 4 people.


5. Cast Iron 2 In 1 Combo Cooker

Pre-Seasoned 2-In-1 Cast Iron Multi Cooker–Heavy Duty Skillet And Lid Set, Non-Stick Kitchen Cookware Cast Iron Sauce Pan

It’s also a very hot 2-in-1 Combo Cooker , but unlike the previous product, it has a handle on both the pot body and the lid. The handle design is very user-friendly and is very beneficial for people to grasp. This pot is perfect for camping use, and his high thermal conductivity allows food to heat quickly. High quality is also resistant, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the pot.


6. Popular Enamel Cast Iron Casserole

cast iron enamel casserole

Cast iron casserole is a very advanced cookware that just sits in your kitchen, even if it is just used as an ornament. Although the cast-iron casserole has a very beautiful coating on the outside, it is not empty with a watch. The inner wall of the pot is also coated with a white enamel coating, which prevents the food from sticking to the pot. And this pot is very easy to clean, you just need hot water to clean the cast iron casserole.

And this pot is the best helper for cooking more, with the pot cover with particles to prevent the water loss in the pot, and keep the original food in the enamel casserole. This pot can help you stew the meat and make the soup.