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How to care for cast iron cookware: 1. Put the pot on the fire, pour in an appropriate amount of water, turn on the fire and bring the water to a boil, cook for about 10 minutes and turn off the heat. 2. When the water in the pot is lukewarm, wipe the inner wall of the pot evenly with a cotton cloth. 3. Scrub along with the lid. 4. Drain the water in the pot and prepare a scouring pad. 5. Dry the water in the pot, and finally put the pot on the fire to dry the water. Ways to prevent cast iron cookware from rusting: 1. Do not keep food overnight. At the same time, try not to cook soup in an iron pot, so as to avoid the disappearance of the vegetable oil coating that protects the surface of the iron pot from rusting. 2. Brushing is to use as little detergent as possible to prevent the vegetable oil coating from being brushed out. After brushing the pot, try to wipe the water in the pot as clean as possible to prevent rust.