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Size:24*24cm A handle is added in front of the pot body for convenient and better handling The whole body of the pan itself and the handle are used together to increase the use time of the frying pan itself The enamel coating is used on the outer wall, which increases the aesthetic feeling on the premise of retaining the high temperature resistance. In fact, it can be used as an ornament Smooth black inner wall, easy to clean physical non stick pot You can customize your own logo on the back The stripe design on the inner wall can control the oil better The inner wall of black microporous enamel evokes the burnt smell of food Square horizontal pattern baking plate design, baking beautiful patterns The bottom of the pot is smooth to reduce the wear on the stove and dining table Warm tips: craftsmen hand firing, there may be some small defects is a normal phenomenon, appearance and use are not affected Precautions for use of enamel pot 1. Don't dry burn or change hot or cold. Before you start using the enamel pot, add oil or water to the pot, and then heat it. According to the thermal stability standard issued by the state, the maximum temperature range that the boiler can withstand is 320 ℃ to 20 ℃. Once it exceeds this range standard, it is very easy to break the porcelain. If you dry the pot first, and then add oil or water, the temperature will change sharply, and there is a great chance of bursting. 2. The spacer prevents porcelain from falling off. When you place a porcelain bowl in an enamel pot to steam food, you should use a bamboo mat to isolate it. If the water in the bottom ring of the bowl is dried first, it will come into direct contact with the bottom of the pot, and the bottom of the pot will come off porcelain for a long time. 3. The pot is charred and clean. If you use enamel pot cooking hoof, tremella, to avoid coking. Once the pot is scorched, soak the pot in warm water for several hours, and then remove the scorched deposits with bamboo slices. Do not use a hard sharp tool to remove the scorched deposits, which will cause the porcelain surface to be damaged and fall off. 4. Daily cleaning. With the use of time, the enamel pot will remain dirt, you can choose alkaline water, soap powder scrubbing, you can also add water, put an appropriate amount of acetic acid boiling, clean porcelain surface, will not damage the pot.   Advantage:
1. Cooking dishes are delicious Cast iron pot cooking adds flavor and cooking dishes are more delicious
2. Good heat storage performance The thick bottom of the pot provides good heat storage and is more energy efficient
3. Healthy without chemical coating The surface is only used as a vegetable oil layer for anti-rust treatment, which is more healthy.
4. One-piece, durable The pot body and the handle are integrally formed and durable
5. Dimensions and shapes Cast iron pots in various sizes and shapes for your choice Advantage
Why choose us?
1,The pot body is thick, has good heat storage, is evenly heated.
2,The surface is only treated with anti-rust treatment of vegetable oil spray, no chemical coating, and the subsequent non-stick effect can be achieved through the raising pot.
3,We are a factory with more than 30 years of casting experience.