Screen Light Black Chinese Wok With Wooden Cover Japanese Suki Wok Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pot For Cast Iron Cookware

Screen light black Chinese wok with wooden cover

Item No. XG 7524
Size DIA 25CM
Material Cast Iron
Coating Enamel
Color Black
Logo Chuihua Or customer request
Shape Round
Cooking authentic Asian food A cast iron wok with handle is the best utensil to cook with for authentic Asian food as this is the utensil traditionally used. So not only do you get the superior taste from a pre-seasoned wok, but you also get the correct feel while making the food. The bottom of the camping pot is smooth ——the bottom of the pot is flat, so you can easily put it on the stove or outdoors. There will be a solid bottom for cooking, which greatly reduces the accident of the frying pan falling.   Equipped with wooden cover - this cast iron frying pan is equipped with wooden cover, which can be cooked, fried, fried and other cooking methods. The wooden cover is completely suitable for frying pan and can be placed on the kitchen table   Non stick/rustproof This cast iron camping wok is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil as this prevents the iron from rusting as well as gives the wok a non-stick surface. This way you don’t have to season the wok yourself and can directly use it as you receive it.