Camping Cookware Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Lid Camping Cooking Outdoor Cookware

Product Description

Item No. XG 545LD
Size 4.5QT
Material Cast Iron
Coating Vegetable oil
Color Black
Logo Chuihua Or customer request
Shape Round

Product Introduction

Cast iron pot is a widely used outdoor cooker, which is famous for its ability to cook delicious food under non ideal conditions. Put any kind of food in, add some of your favorite ingredients, and have a try. Competent in cooking, stewing and frying, whether at home or outdoors, you can experience happiness The humanized design of the anti scalding handle is in line with the ergonomic design, which increases the convenience for your outdoor use Pre-seasoned cast iron camp dutch oven with lid Material Cast Iron, Logo Can be customized; Package Per Piece with a inner box and then several pieces into a master carton;Delivery Time Shipped in 25 days after payment ;Appliance Gas, Electric, Available, Induction, Oven … The cast iron cooking utensils and camping pots are specially designed, the overall thickness is uniform, the temperature can be completely diffused from a single point to the entire pot body when heating, the heat transfer is uniform, and the heating is fast, so only a medium and small fire can be used to cook a delicious pot Food, energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, due to the excellent thermal insulation properties of cast iron, in addition to the convenient and rapid cooking effect, it can also maintain the food temperature for a long time. With the improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, cast iron cookware is more and more popular among people, because cast iron is made of material, which is evenly heated and has better cooking effects. Cast iron cooking utensils are suitable for stoves, including ovens and induction cookers. It can be fried, fried, braised, fried, roasted, simmered, baked, and all kinds of foods can be kept delicious and original color. Cast iron cooking utensils are well insulated, and only need a small fire to keep the pot boiling. save energy. After turning off the fire, it can keep warm for a longer time. One: The pot body is cast with special cast iron Two: One pot with multiple functions: suitable for various stoves and ovens, and can be used for frying, frying, boiling and other purposes. Three: rapid heat transfer, long-lasting heat preservation, can be used as a pot or directly on the table as dishes. Four: energy saving, safety and health, strong and durable, and other advantages. Cast iron containers have been used for cooking for hundreds of years, and cast iron pots have many benefits. Cast iron is resistant to high temperatures, so it is one of the common materials for fryer. Due to the excellent heat diffusion ability of cast iron pans, cast iron cookware is very suitable for stewing and deep-frying food. In addition to these advantages, cast iron cookware is practical and beneficial to health.