ChuiHua Factory Pre-Seasoned Non-Stick Round Cast Iron Baking Pan With Board And Fork Cast Iron Sizzler Plate With Wooden Base

Integrated casting The cast iron kitchen ware has rough line details and the longer it is used, the longer it is used, the more durable it is. Romantic food with ritual feeling The heat storage effect of uncoated non stick pot is sustainable and uniform, which makes the steak receive the same temperature, and heats up quickly from inside to outside to ensure the taste of fresh and juicy, and avoids the meat quality damaged by burning the beef for cooked and external burning. Heat evenly Fast cooking, sealing nutrition, nutrition not lost, more energy saving. The characteristics of iron pot. When the temperature of fire exceeds a certain temperature, the iron pot will transmit the temperature to food by releasing certain heat energy. Thickened design Heat conduction is even, and it is not easy to paste the pot, making steak more fragrant. Smooth grinding Fine edge, no barb, no hand injury. Insulation base plate Separate the iron plate from the table to prevent the table from being hot and black. Because the pictures are taken in kind, because of some objective factors such as the angle of light, the color may have some color difference, please understand Other packing way: use the paperboard interlayer several product put into one box, this is depend on product size and type. Normal, 4pcs or 6pcs packing in carton, if you need more information, pls feel free to contact me soon. We shipment within 30 days once receive advance payment.